Nerve Damage Claims

Every day throughout Ireland surgical teams perform a variety of different surgical procedures to assist patients who are in need of their care. Thankfully, in Ireland the vast majority of these procedures are performed to an incredibly high standard. Unfortunately, however, sometimes mistakes are made which can lead to a patient suffering nerve damage. If you have been unlucky enough to suffer nerve damage as a result of a surgical procedure you may potentially have a nerve damage claim* against the surgeon and/or the hospital.

At Hanahoe & Hanahoe Solicitors LLP our team of medical negligence solicitors*, led by our managing partner, Luke Hanahoe, have the experience and the expertise to advise you as to whether you have a nerve damage compensation claim*. We have vast experience in all manner of medical and surgical negligence claims* and we will be able to establish whether you have a case and advise you how best you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

What is Nerve Damage

The nervous system includes your brain, spinal cord and a complex network of nerves. Your nervous system is made up of the central and peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system is made up of your brain and spinal cord and your peripheral nervous system is made up of nerves that branch off from the spinal cord and extend to all parts of the body. The nervous system is involved in everything your body does, from managing your breathing, to controlling your muscles, to sensing hot and cold or pain and pleasure.

The nervous system is fragile and if it is damaged it can be very hard to heal or repair. If damage is caused to your central nervous system it can be extremely serious. This can result in a loss of motor function, paralysis and organ damage. While peripheral nerve damage is less catastrophic, it can still result in serious injuries to include:

  • numbness
  • extreme pain
  • tingling or burning in limbs or extremities
  • weakness
  • loss or impaired movement
  • problems with co-ordination

Types of Nerve Damage Claims*

Nerve damage can be caused as a result of an accident, an assault or medical negligence*. If you have sustained nerve damage as a result of an accident you may be able to bring a personal injury claim* against the person or party who caused the injury. If the nerve damage was caused as a result of a surgical procedure you may be able to bring a nerve damage medical negligence compensation claim*. Nerve damage can be caused in a variety of medical situations to include:

  • during surgery
  • during the delivery of a baby
  • during medical treatment
  • during the administration of certain medications, particularly anti-blood clotting drugs
  • as a result of the use of needles.

How do I bring a Nerve Damage Claim*

In a medical negligence* context, in order to bring a nerve damage claim,* you have to be able to show that there is a breach of duty of care in the medical treatment that was provided to you. In order to prove this, you have to get the opinion of a suitably qualified expert to confirm that the injuries you sustained were as a result of negligence.

If you have a stateable nerve damage compensation claim* this should cover damages for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the negligence, together with any out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred. Out of pocket expenses includes a variety of losses from medical costs, to loss of earning, to future care costs. If your medical negligence claim* is successful, it is also likely to cover the vast majority, if not all of your legal costs.

What Compensation should I expect from a Nerve Damage Claim*

It is impossible to say what the compensation is likely to be for a nerve damage claim*, as it will ultimately depend on how badly you were injured. There is no single section in the personal injury guidelines that is dedicated to nerve damage. The compensation you obtain will depend on the medical reports provided by your medical practitioners. When considering the appropriate level of compensation, a court will consider the nature of your injuries, how they have affected you, how they will affect you into the future and what is the likely chance of full recovery.

How do I bring a Nerve Damage Compensation Claim*

If you believe that you have suffered nerve damage as a result of either an accident or as a result of medical negligence, Hanahoe & Hanahoe LLP will be happy to assist you. We will immediately arrange a consultation where we will take instructions and give you our initial advice. Thereafter, if you wish to proceed we will instruct a medical expert to provide the necessary opinion. If the medical expert provides a positive opinion, we will thereafter send the appropriate letters of claim and issue medical negligence proceedings*.

Get started on bringing your nerve damage claim*

If you have suffered nerve damage in surgery or during a medical procedure and you believe that it was as a result of medical negligence, contact one of our medical negligence solicitors* today, to start on your claim, seek advice or gather more information. Call us on 045 897784 and an experienced member of our medical negligence team will discuss your options and potential next steps. You can also email on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

*In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.